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Thank you very much for visiting our website. Our company is located in Japan but is seeking opportunities to have a business relationship with companies overseas relating to the software products described below which we have developed. If you are interested in the products, please do not hesitate to contact us through e-mail or fax message. Our staff have some difficulty through direct communication in English like phone but they can manage e-mails and fax messages.


Products to be introduced

We put on the market the various business solution softwares such as:

Sales management,                    “Onnet Sales”,

POS system,                                “Onnet POS”,

Procurement management,         “Onnet Procurement” and

Inventory management,            “Onnet Inventory”.


The production management system, “Onnet Production” is still under development but will be on the market soon. The integrated business system which all of these individual systems are integrated as “Onnet Integrated Business Series” is also on the market.


We have applied the technologies and know-hows obtained from the development activities of mainframe computer systems to small computer environment which have been dramatically inexpensive. Therefore, our products are multi-purpose and inexpensive.


The systems are operational in the Cloud environment. The payment to use the system is monthly fee basis.


Sales results

10 customers, 80 PC terminals


Price indication (actual results in Japan)

12,000 JPY/month/a PC terminal

The initial cost depends on the level of customization to the system. The actual results in Japan vary from 500,000 to 2,000,000 JPY. Data transfer to the new system requires additional fee.


Technology platform

Programming language is C# of Microsoft. The data base is SQL server. The system is constructed of a) Presentation logic, b) Business logic and c) Data base layer. a) and b) are loosely-coupled by SOAP.


The parts of b) and c) are operated in the Cloud, Azure of Microsoft. Only a) part is just copied and installed in the individual PC terminals. Since a) part is operated on the individual PCs which are high-performance and inexpensive, it is much easier to use, compared to the WEB page.


Concerns and opportunities of the overseas business expansion

There must be difference of commercial practice between Japan and overseas countries, such as payment method or proceed reception method. There might be situations that Japanese business systems are easy to use even in overseas countries.


The system will be customized to meet the business requirements of each company. Each Japanese company has its own restrictions and merits of their methods of doing business. We have customized the systems to meet the situation of each company. Our motto is:

“Fit the software package to the business of the customer.” instead of “Fit the business of the customer to the software package.”


Our products are operational anywhere in the world. The parts of Business Logic and Data Base Layer can be located in the Cloud. Once the system is localized, the system can be supported from Onnet Systems, regardless of the location of the localized system.


Company profile

Company name                 Onnet systems, Inc.

Establishment                   August 10, 2000

Capital                              10,000,000 JPY

Address                             6F B village Bld., 1-14-7 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016,



Stuff                                 6

All stuff are Certified Information Technologists by the

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


Company policy                Onnet Systems, Inc. provides business systems at the

dramatically inexpensive cost, utilizing the standardized and

commoditized contemporary computer environment, which

had been operational only on the mainframe computers worth

tens of million dollars.


Others                               Development circumstance is Visual Studio of Microsoft.

The business work flow of the customer can be modeled by

using DFD, Data Flow Diagram, and ERD, Entity Relation



Contact                              Phone:   +81-3-5807-5081

Fax:       +81-3-5807-5082